Old Sugar Mill

This was a photo at the Old Sugar Mill in Clarksburg, CA with some friends of mine. We wanted to do a random photoshoot and the Old Sugar Mill had such rich character in it’s old buildings. I wish we had more time to take more shots.

If you’re a Walking Dead fan like myself, tell me if this place doesn’t remind you of Terminus or at least could be a setting for a zombie scene somewhere! You’ll see some of the images here where Colin and Destiny had some fun acting out a little horror film scene for themselves.

Definitely need to make another trip out there and at the docks by the river. This was one of my favorite and most fun shoots I’ve ever had. Thanks to my friends Destiny and Colin for making it fun and being patient with this shoot since I wasn’t able to scope the place out before we got there to choose the shots I wanted before hand. You guys did an amazing job and I don’t think I could’ve had as much fun without you guys! ‘Til our next photo adventure, Enjoy!



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