In the studio of Jusreal laying down a track

This is me! Christopher Anthony Dore Pontino, officially. I’m a musician at my core: guitarist, bassist, drummer, composer, arranger, producer, teacher. I’ve been playing professionally for over 15 years and I’m now venturing into different media outlets. I still have a passion for music, but as other opportunities open up I want to keep myself open as well. It only takes one hit song or one logo or website for a company that blows up to pay you for the rest of your life, right?

I am a Christian trying to navigate my way through the world. I became a Christian on Valentine’s day of 2007 and haven’t regret my decision to make Jesus my Lord since then. God has been extremely kind to me and has blessed my life tremendously. He’s given me a wonderful family who loves each other no matter what they do or who they are through thick and thin, good times and bad times, good decisions and bad decisions. God has also blessed me with an amazing church family who strives to follow the bible and make it their standard for life. I accredit my creativity to God because He created me to have the ideas that I have and He alone possess the greatest creative mind in all of existence!

At fisherman’s warf in San Francisco

I’m a freelance graphic designer (at the moment) and developing my skills in the industry. I’ve studied Graphic Communications at Sacramento City College and am continuing to develop my skills there as well as in the community taking on different creative projects that I can get involved with. In the mean time it’s just design, design, design and try to build my skills and my craft in this part of the creative industry. I love being creative and I thank God for opening up different avenues for me to explore my creativity.

Also, to add to my creative bag of tricks, I’m a photographer growing my business in the Greater Sacramento Region. Feel free to message me about any professional headshot, social media profile photos, prom photos, family photos, etc. and we can discuss a decent price range for your project. One of my dreams is to do whatever the heck I love to do and make a living off of just enjoying life to the full!

More updates to this blog will be continuous as my skills develop and my time frees up 😉 Please support it, subscribe to it, join my twitter, critique it, love it, hate it, and don’t be scared to speak your mind. Thanks for stopping by and checking my blog out!


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