Time To Get Your Christmas Cards Done


Instead of spending time and energy on trying to create the perfect Christmas card this year, how about hire a creative person to do it for you?  I can take professional quality photos and personalize the design to give just the right touch for your friends and family this holiday season. If you’ve already taken photos and just need the card made for you, then I can do that as well.

I’ve been studying design at  Sacramento City College over the last three years and I would love to use my skills and talents to help make your holiday season run a little smoother. Photoshoots alone can run you up a couple hundred dollars real easy, real quick and you still have to pay more to get the card made on top of that! I’ll take care of the photoshoot and design the cards for you to eliminate the stress of doing it yourself and the money it can cost to get them professionally made. And why not help a local design student this holiday why your at it?

Choose from the different designs that I’ll be working with this year that I have posted in my Christmas Card Design page and we can schedule your photoshoot at your earliest convenience. I will be posting more designs throughout the week. Email me for quotes about pricing as each project may differ depending on schedule, location, and printing options. We better get started soon because Christmas is just around the corner. Hope to hear from you soon. Happy holidays to you and yours!




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