The Next Three Years

I love that there’s always a Starbucks everywhere you go. Whether I need to get away from home or travel down to San Jose for a rehearsal or visiting friends in Los Angeles, there is always multiple Starbucks to choose from in any given city relatively close to where I’m staying.

What’s great about it is the free wi-fi and the comfort of a familiar setting. Right now i’m sitting in a Starbucks in San Jose, CA where I will be for about a week of rehearsals and filming. It’s getting closer and closer to the time I ship out for my 5 month adventure/job/gig. Whereabouts at the moment are unknown, but very soon after the demo video is in we will have our departure date and start packing to fly to our destination and ship out to sea!

Perhaps I should back track a bit…

I moved back to Sacramento, CA June of 2009 to attempt to mend the disconnection from my immediate family that gradually grew from my five years in Los Angeles, CA. I missed them so much and really wanted to try reaching out to them and hopefully sharing my faith and developing an interest in God, the bible, and hopefully them wanting to become a baptized disciple of Christ as taught in the bible. But how could reach out only seeing them twice a year, practically?

During the first year back in Sacramento I eventually started dating my best friend now exgirlfriend, but no worries because the hope is still alive. Part of moving back to Sacramento into my parent’s home was going to benefit my family by having extra man power at home as well as provide a much needed opportunity to get my finances stable and have the most romantic story of having my best friend become my wife! Once again, the hope is still very much alive.

Eventually, the slow pace of school, the fine line between having the funnest job you’ve ever had, but barely paying off your bills, along with the pressures of life began to slowly overwhelm me. Not to mention being well into a three year relationship with the girl of your dreams, yet you see her twice a year as you were a pair of geniuses deciding to live on the opposite coasts; longing to be together and further your relationship, but couldn’t afford to make that leap watching time pass you by. It’s hard to be grateful and faithful to God during these times trusting that there is a way out of this and that He is paving a way for your dreams to come true. Naturally, I started praying about it.

Not the actual cruise ship

Next thing I knew, I’m getting a call from a friend of mine, whom I haven’t spoken to for over ten years, about the possibility to join him on his next contract to play in a band on cruise ships. All expenses paid, plus in five month’s time I’d almost double what I’ve been making in a year. Long story short, I’ve decided to take the gig and I’m currently in San Jose for rehearsals and filming for the demo that we will be submitting to the music coordinator for the cruise circuit. The way I’m looking at things, this one trip could determine the next three years of my life!

I’m definitely excited to be going. I’m going to miss everything that I’ve built thus far in Sacramento, especially since there are a lot of changes going on and the momentum has shifted moving forward with a lot of things we’ve started to put in place. I’m, of course, talking about all the great things that are happening at my church – The Sacramento Metro Church of Christ – but on the bright side, I’m only going to be gone for five months and I will be back home to continue my pursuit in graphic communication in school as well as every other thing under the sun that I’ve been blessed to get myself involved in. I figure, five months of working, come back debt free with a decent amount of money in the bank, bills able to be paid ON TIME without the stress of living check-to-check; And lots of time to spend living it right while I work on creating stable income that can keep me close to home.

The next three years. I know that things come and go all in God’s timing and that I may have plans for myself and God will either bless it or close the doors on it. My finances are a deep spiritual issue for me. I’m learning that I’m not very effective in helping other people if I don’t even have my own life in order. I’ve struggled with not understanding that in the past. I still believe that it is possible to help others while you are helping yourself. I have much to learn about finding that balance. Much of my walk with God at this point has been about helping other people and doing whatever I can to care and love people the way that God describes in the bible. Now, I see areas in my life that I should get in order so that I can accomplish my goals more effectively and be a better example of a disciple of Christ. I’m not running away, I’m not chasing a dream – as some may have already viewed this as – I’m just going with the opportunities that present themselves in my life to hopefully one day help myself become the man I am supposed to be and able to give my time, energy, and whole heart to those around me.

Why do I want to go on this cruise gig? I want to be able to help my family because they are in need. I want to be free from the bonds of insecure finances and financial debt. I want to free up my time to serve and give to other people the way I read it in the bible. I want to be in a better position to one day marry my best friend. I want my family to be able to see me for the man I’m becoming and not the knucklehead who moved away and came back with nothing to show for it. I want my light to shine to my family and not be dimmed because even though I now depend on Christ, I also now depend on them to meet certain, simple goals.

Not our actual instruments nor is this a real photo of where we rehearsed

The next three years may very well be dictated by what I do within the next five months. The next seven days of rehearsals and filming is going to help open up doors in the future. I feel so blessed to be playing with the caliber of musicians that I am playing with for the cruise. When you’re working with professionals things just seem to be so much smoother and makes music fun again for me. It’s been too long since I’ve played with this level of musicianship. And it’s about time that I make some serious money from the years of years of practicing and being so involved with music. The next three years; I certainly am looking forward to the next three years.


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