Night Out

Unity was the goal of the night. Nothing outrageously creative. Nothing complex and deep. Simply, go out to eat! Building a family-like bond was the goal of the night. We decided we were going to go out and just enjoy the company of disciples and the fellowship of the Spirit. There’s always something special when you get a group of people together over a meal. It’s almost impossible to NOT draw closer to one another over dinner and that’s exactly what was accomplished.

Our ministry went out to Buca de Bepo as a ministry on September 16, 2011. We all had so much fun. We weren’t expecting as great a turnout that we had. We definitely weren’t prepared for it either. But it was great because we all had a great time and a sense of fun and enjoyment with each other was created. We didn’t have a lesson from the bible this night, but we let o.wrapperur heart and personalities illustrate the comfort of God and the encouragement of the kingdom through our conversations and eatting delicious food with one another.

It was very encouraging and inspiring to watch people be themselves and genuinely enjoy being together. There’s a different experience when the body of Christ comes together than being a part of any group. Nothing spectacular; a meal is a very spiritual power that creates unity and draws people closer together. Hopefully we will continue to grow in Christ from the inside out, one day changing the world!


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